A girls day out with CoinJar

By Tatiana Moroz Yesterday was my last Friday in Melbourne before the next leg of the journey through Australasia, and Dean and I were joined by our CoinJar sponsor’s very own Zhoe and Melbourne photographer Pierce to document a girls day out on bitcoin in the city.  We used the CoinJar card and that made spending bitcoin all the easier.  You basically Continue Reading →

Uncoinventional Bitcoin Roadtrip Hosts Bitcoin MeetUp at The Crepe

For Immediate Release: Wednesday Nov 21 2014 John Bush / Catherine Bleish Johnbush512@gmail.com / cat.bleish@gmail.com 512-815-7388 A family of four on a bitcoin-only holiday road trip will host a MeetUp tonight in Las Vegas. The Blush Family is half way through their three week cross-country journey. They have spent only bitcoin on expenses such as food, gasoline and lodging. John Bush, Continue Reading →

Store Review: Whole Foods Venice, California

This is a very unique Whole Foods. There is an obvious issue with Homeless folks loitering. There is a 2 hour limit at the eating tables, the whells on the carts lock at the edge of the perimenter. Overall, the inside is like your typical Whole Foods, except a few obvious loitering detractions (microwave for customers only sign, no self Continue Reading →

Uncoinventional Los Angeles, Bitcoin in the City of Angels

For Immediate Release Wednesday Nov 19th 2014 John Bush / Catherine Bleish or Melissa Yee Johnbush512@gmail.com / cat.bleish@gmail.com or melissa@gem.co 512-815-7388 A family of four on a bitcoin-only holiday road trip will host a MeetUp tonight in Los Angeles. The Blush Family is half way through their three week cross-country journey. They have spent only bitcoin will on expenses such Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: Ortegas in Albuquerque

Ortegas is the only restaurant in Albuquerque that accepts bitcoin, as far as we know. Their business is listed on the Airbitz directory. We called ahead to let them know we were coming. Their authentic Mexican quizine was delicious. I ordered a vegetarian taco salad, John ordered the mixed meat fajitas, Bill ordered scrambled eggs and avacado, and Aliana ordered Continue Reading →

Uncoinventional Living Tour West Day 6 Podcast Catherine Bleish Speech on Bitcoin Travel


Podcast by John Bush

Originally on Let’s Talk Bitcoin

On this sixth day of the Uncoinventional Living Tour West, Catherine Bleish delivers a speech at the Libertopia Conference in San Deigo, CA on Bitcoin Travel. She covers the ins and outs of using bitcoin to get there, stay there, eat, and play.


John Bush speech on Freedom Cells, a decentrlaized mututal aid society enhanced with blockchain technology.

Paul Puey interview on AirBitz, a secure wallet and business directory in one slick package

Paige Peterson interview on Project MaidSafe, an effort to create a decentralized file storage protocol and parallel internet.

Robert Podolsky interview on the Titania Society, groups of eight, and ethics for a better tomorrow.


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Hotel Review: Ocean Beach Hotel

  We fell in love with this San Diego hotel. Dog friendly, no pet fees, on the beach, affordable. We paid $122 a night with Bitcoin through Expedia. The bed was super comfortable. We were in a lower level room that walked out to the garden. Small room. Hair dryer. Small dresser, TV, small table, 2 chairs, mini refridgerator, A/C Continue Reading →

Uncoinventional West Journal – Grand Canyon Pit Stop, Long Mountain Drive

By Catherine Bleish

Originally on Let’s Talk Bitcoin.

Our third day of travel for the Uncoinventional West Coast Tour was a slow day compared to the previous two days of hard driving. We woke up at our hotel, Quality Inn, in Flagstaff and enjoyed a decent breakfast that included scrambled eggs and sausage.

We try to select hotels that serve hot breakfasts so we cut down on our bitcoin expenses. We love purchasing our bitcoin-hotels through CheapAir.com because they are huge proponents of bitcoin!

After breakfast, John did some computer work while I packed up for our day trip to the Grand Canyon and the kids played with some toys that we brought from home. Around noon, with our picnic packed and our promotional work done for the day, we took off for the Grand Canyon.

We stopped to get gas during the hour long drive. We paid for the gasoline with a prepaid Visa card that we bought with BTC from a friend in Austin. As we approached the National Park entrance, we were very surprised to see a sign that read “$25 car entry fee”.

Here is where true bitcoin travel becomes impossible, National Parks are not yet accepting BTC. Thankfully, we had the prepaid Visa that we bought with bitcoin, so we were able to sort of pay BTC to enter the park.

Once we arrived we were free to relax and truly forget about all the stresses that come with bitcoin travel, producing media, and keeping track of so many events in so many cities. We went on a short hike, picnicked in the woods, explored the scenery, and experienced nature with our full senses.

As we drove home the kids crashed out, so we decided to eat more picnic foods and not spend BTC on dinner that night.

Day four we woke up, enjoyed a second round of Quality Inn hot breakfast, and made a b-line for Target to pick up some necessities. Unfortunately, I woke up with a really bad headache that would haunt me as the day progressed.

At Target I needed close toed shoes, dad needed socks, and we all needed a refresh of food for the cooler. Target is a blessing for bitcoin-only road trippers; anything that you forget or need you can usually find at Target, and they have many organic food options.

After we found each item on our shopping list, we checked out and paid our tab through Gyft.com/bitcoin. There was some change left over on our gift card so I gladly marched over to the in-store Starbucks and got myself a mint mocha latte.

Finally, we found ourselves on the road again. The views on this stretch of the drive were absolutely stunning. We twisted and turned through mountains all across Arizona. I took about five million photos before I decided to take a nap in case my headache was sleep related.

When we began to approach Phoenix I woke up, head still hurting, and coordinated a lunch stop at a Whole Foods in town.

My first choice to eat while on the go is always Whole Foods. This is for several reasons. First, you can pay with bitcoin through gyft.com/bitcoin. Second, they offer hot buffet meals and great salad bars. Third, you can stock up on healthy picnic and snack items for the next leg of your trip.

We met a friend and enjoyed some really great conversation as we dined on bitcoin.

After we took off toward West, I tried to take another nap. This time I woke up in the middle of the desert surrounded by a colorful sky. The sunset in Western Arizona was absolutely stunning.

We stopped at a gas station to refuel with our prepaid Visa, and I decided to buy some IBUProfen to help my head. At this point I had felt miserable from sun up to sun down.

Within 30 minutes I was a new woman.

After dusk we continued through the mountains toward San Diego. We passed stench filled animal slaughter facilities that left my daughter gagging and begging for air. We passed giant prisons with rows and rows of cell blocks. And as we were talking into the microphone to record an uncoinventional podcast update, we ran into a Border Patrol checkpoint. Thankfully, they waived us through, unlike our last hour long ordeal at such a checkpoint….

By the time we got to San Diego I had experienced a roller coaster of emotions throughout the day – pain, exhaustion, empowered, afraid (check point), and I was honestly not prepared for how happy I would be to arrive at our amazing beach front hotel.

I selected this hotel because it is dog friendly with no pet fees! It is also right on the beach and cost less than the hotel used for Libertopia. The courtyard garden is beautiful and inviting with a giant fountain in the center.

Our arrival marked the beginning of four of the most wonderful days of my life!

Uncoinventional Living Tour West Day 5 Podcast Street Artists Get Airbitz Wallet and City Tacos Interview


Podcast by John Bush.

Originally posted on Let’s Talk Bitcoin.

On day 5 of Uncoinventional Living Tour West, Cat inspires a duo of street artists to set up an AirBitz bitcoin wallet and accept BTC in exchange for their paintings. Later in the evening, John sat down with Jerry Torres, owner of City Tacos, a North Park taqueria that proudly accepts bitcoin. Jerry told us why he values bitcoin and thinks it’s a worthwhile move for any entrepreneurial venture.

VISIT CITY TACOS IN SAN DIEGO! https://airbitz.co/biz/5932/city-tacos-san-diego/

Learn more here: http://uncoinventional.com/
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