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Published on November 19th, 2014 by SovereignBTC

The Day 7 Uncoinventional Living Tour West podcast features John Bush's speech at Libertopia Festival on Freedom Cells, a peer to peer mutual aid society. In the speech, John explores four areas he believes are necessary if we are to find liberty in our lifetime.

  1. Education
  2. Creation and Promotion of Alternative Institutions
  3. Freedom Cells
  4. Diplomacy

What is a Freedom Cell?

In his speech, John offers a framework known as freedom cells which just might be a viable non-coercive non-hierarchical means of organizing society. Freedom Cells are groups of 8 to12 who form mutual aid compacts with one another, dedicating themselves to aiding and supporting their fellow inner cadre members. The cadre can collaborate to achieve common goals such as each member having at least 3 months of food and water storage, a firearm, a secure means of communication with fellow cell members, and a bug-out plan.

Middle Cadre

The 8 to 12 cell members then agitate for the creation of 8 to 12 groups of 8 to 12 so the group number is now 80 to 120. Members of this group, also knows as the middle cadre, agree to support their fellow cadre members, however their commitment to one another is not as strong as the more intimate inner cadre.

Outer Cadre

With 100 like-like minded individuals and families now on the same page, cell members can now provide real security and support for one another. Be it financial aide, neighborly support, or physical defense, a united group of 100 people is a force to be reckoned with. While the initial middle cadre is organizing itself, other groups of 8 to 12 and 80 to 120 are simultaneously being formed. When 8 to 12 middle cadre groups organize, we now have an outer cadre, which is 800 to 1200 strong. A group of around 1000 united freedom seekers should be able adequately provide aid and comfort to one another while collectively and creatively asserting their sovereignty.

Meta Cadre

Take it one step further with the organization of 8 to 12 outer cadres, and you now have a meta cadre numbering around 10,000 people. 10,000 people is a lot of people. 10,000 people can make the prospect of relative to total liberty through peaceful means very achievable. Link up with 9 other meta cadres, now boasting 100k people, and you have more than a cadre, you have a full on society. If the 100k people are ethical people and willing to stand up for one another, you will have an ethical society capable of asserting itself to the point of non-association with those individuals, groups, and institutions they deem no longer worthy of their co-participation.

Enter the Blockchain

After explaining the concept of the freedom cell, John tells how blockchain technology can augment the furtherance of this path while increasing it's viability on a global scale. If each cadre member obtains a public address and private key, the entirety of the network can enjoy encrypted communication and coordination, a means of crowd funding mutual aid projects, as well as a means of achieving consensus using the blockchain as a voting platform.

Listen to the speech and consider the prospect of realizing true liberty in your lifetime.

Organize an inner cadre today!

Strength in Numbers Strength in Unity Strength in Truth



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