The Road Less Traveled - Uncoinventional Does the South West

Published on November 12th, 2014 by Catherine Bleish

Yesterday we woke up in Lubbock, Texas at a La Quinta Inn that we booked with bitcoin via CheapAir. After a late start on our road trip, we were unable to make it all the way to Roswell, New Mexico and had much ground to cover to make our next scheduled stop of Flagstaff, AZ.

We started the day eating at the hotel's standard continental breakfast. Honestly, I couldn't stomach much of it. We try to eat all organic so a $60 per night hotel's breakfast was quite the disappointment. That is part of road trips, though, unexpected changes in your schedule. Good thing we had lots of snacks in the car that we had purchased at Whole Foods via

Unsure if we could make it all the way from Lubbock to Flagstaff with two toddlers, we held off on booking our pre-selected dog friendly hotel and decided to see how far we could go.

The kids had a great time watching Busy Town on our car DVD Player and we plowed across West Texas, witnessing the large cattle processing facilities and all their stench (this is where your factory farm food comes from, folks!).

By the time we crossed into New Mexico we were ready for a picnic lunch. We found a park on our GPS and pulled over for a roadside meal and play session. At the park we met a like minded family who were already aware of and interested in Bitcoin! We had great conversations as our kids played and traded contact information so we could stay in touch.

Note to self, bring business cards or have tour fliers printed! We have nothing to hand the people we meet on our journey.

After the kids got their wiggles out, we continued across the state of New Mexico. When we stopped in Albuquerque for a potty break I checked my twitter to find a message from one of our sponsors, Airbitz, letting us know of a BTC restaurant just 7 minutes away.

Hungry, we popped in the address into our GPS and called them to let them know we were in route. The man who answered the phone seemed apprehensive about taking our payment in BTC because the owner was not there, but we reassured him we could help figure it out.

When we arrived at Ortegas, the delicious smell inside won me over instantly. We enjoyed an amazing authentic Mexican meal then paid our bill in Bitcoin. Our server did great, knew exactly what he was doing, despite his initial apprehension.

He did not have a BTC wallet of his own for a tip, so John sat down with him and helped him download, install, and set up an Airbitz wallet while I took the kids on a walk. We tipped $10.00 worth of BTC to the newest member of the Bitcoin ecosystem!

Excited about our successful bitcoin meal, we hit the road with renewed passion, determined to make it all the way to Flagstaff by the nights end.

Unfortunately, when I went to book our hotel it had sold out. I was initially very upset as I had spent many hours researching the perfect place in every city. I spent 30 minutes cross referencing (for a dog friendly place), (for good breakfast reviews) and (for prices) before finding the second best location.

We paid for the room with Bitcoin through CheapAir, and continued along our way. At this point the kids fell asleep. As the considerate parents we are, we had a few creative restroom breaks that involved climbing out car windows to keep the kids from waking up. The things we do for our kids!

When we arrived I felt very pleased that our first hotel was overbooked. This place was beautiful, clean, super friendly, and exactly what we needed after two days of hard driving. Lesson learned on sweating the small stuff. I will post the name after we depart.

After enjoying our left over Ortegas, we settled in for the night, feeling empowered and exhausted.

Today, we visit the Grand Canyon.

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