Uncoinventional West Coast Tour, Alt Expo and Late Departure, Two Days in Review

Published on November 11th, 2014 by Catherine Bleish

We have officially been on the road for the Uncoinventional West Coast Tour for one full day. We did switch to bitcoin-only on Sunday, the day before we left, because our first speaking event was close to home. So lets call it two full days!

Alt Expo was a great event. Speakers came to discuss alternative ways to organize society. There were conversations about bitcoin, parenting, health, and more. John discussed his concept of Freedom Cells, or Mutual Aid societies, that can be organized on the blockchain. I discussed the concept of outcome based parenting for a free society. We will publish our speeches over the next few days while we travel.

In between our speeches, I took the kids to Whole Foods to buy our fresh road trip food with Bitcoin. We love using Gyft.com/bitcoin to buy Whole Foods gift cards while we travel because it allows us to eat well while on the road. There is usually a fresh salad bar where you can get lunch then buy food to fill your cooler!

After the day long event in Austin, we arrived home to finish packing. I had already loaded up most of the car, but still needed to clean the house and pack some straggling items. Unfortunately, I crashed out putting the kids to bed, resulting in a tardy departure the next morning.

As far as the road trip itself goes, it has not gone according to plan.... First and foremost, the company we used on our last trip to buy gasoline gift cards with bitcoin is no longer active. So we had to go through a few friends who bought us visa prepaid cards in exchange for bitcoin. Not ideal, but it is the only way we could figure out how to get gasoline for btc.

Second, our late departure was extended by an unexpected trip to our mailbox in Austin. We had some items from sponsors and late Amazon arrivals (all purchased through Gyft), so we had to take the longer route and drive right into the heart of Austin before finally heading West.

The drive itself was easy going. We stopped at a beautiful park in West Texas to enjoy a picnic lunch and let the kids run around. At this point we realized our arrival time to Roswell was creeping toward midnight so we decided to adjust our plans.

We bought a hotel in Lubbock, Texas though CheapAir. We chose a La Quinta because they do not have a pet fee. Honestly, I was unimpressed, but it kept us warm for the night.

We are now halfway through our second day of driving. Tonight's goal, Flagstaff, Arizona. Here is hoping we make better time today!

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